- Halal Skincare & Cosmetics for Her - Pure Beauty in a Pure Way

Halal Skincare & Cosmetics for Her - Pure Beauty in a Pure Way

Now Muslim women can take advantage of Halal skincare and cosmetics for her. At Retail Journey, our range includes only high-quality products from leading brands that adhere strictly to the principles set in Islamic Law. Halal is a way of life and our aim is to help you follow it freely and comfortably without making any sacrifices or compromises. Get more details on the permissible ingredients and on how they will help you look young and beautiful every day, regardless of your age.

What to Expect from Halal Beauty Products?

These products do not contain ingredients derived from animals and animal by-products which are considered to be haram. They are free from alcohol as well. This means that they do not contain perfume based on alcohol.

All plant ingredients are allowed. In fact, this is the reason why the alcohol-free vegan skincare products can also qualify as Halal. The reality is that most ingredients which hydrate and nourish the skin come from plants. That is why you can have complete peace of mind that the Halal product which you choose will work effectively and safely. One example of such an ingredient is natural olive oil. It is packed with antioxidants like vitamin E and serves multiple purposes - skin repair, hydration, protection and nourishment. 

The Halal skincare and cosmetics products are free from potentially harmful artificial ingredients. They contain no sulphates which may cause damage at cellular level. They are also paraben-free. You can expect high-quality products to have all-natural ingredients.

Everything Necessary for Awesome Looks

It all starts with a cleanser. All hydrating, nourishing and repairing products should be applied only on perfectly clean skin. A Halal cleanser has an alcohol-free formula. This not only makes it permissible, but actually helps to protect the skin from dryness and irritation. If you need to use a product with antimicrobial properties, you may consider one containing tea tree water instead of alcohol.

Selecting a cream which is formulated to target a specific skin problem is never easy. An anti-wrinkle cream should resurface the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. It is important to keep in mind that the collagen contained in Halal skincare products cannot come from haram animals. Coconut oil is a safe and pure ingredient which is also highly potent.

The choice of Halal cosmetics for women is constantly growing. Lipstick contains natural colouring pigments which don’t come from animals. Nourishing plant oils are present in a growing number of products. Almond oil, for example, can keep the lips soft and plump and prevent chafing.

The best way to choose Halal beauty products is to take into account your age, the environment which you are exposed to daily and your skin type. If you have acne, you will need a potent cleanser with exfoliating properties. If you tend to spend a lot of time outside, you will benefit from a moisturizer which offers natural UV protection with the use of minerals. In case you have dry skin, you should go for products which provide deep hydration.


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