- Halal Skincare for Him - Look Great and Stay True to Your Beliefs

Halal Skincare for Him - Look Great and Stay True to Your Beliefs

The skin, especially on the face, requires and deserves proper care, given that it is constantly subjected to damaging environmental effects like UV radiation. Men should understand that caring for the skin is equal to good health as well as to good looks. At Retail Journey, we make this easy for Muslim men with our range of Halal skincare and cosmetics for him. View our products and make a choice based on your needs. Here we provide a short guide to choosing Halal skincare and cosmetics designed especially for men.

What’s Inside the Products Matters

You see a list of ingredients which don’t mean anything to you on the bottle of your after-shave lotion or shampoo and wonder whether they are Halal. You can be certain that plant-derived ingredients such as botanical extracts and seaweed extracts are Halal. Another notable plant-based ingredient, which is often found in moisturizers and which is permissible, is gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA).

Even though alcohol is made from plants, it is an ingredient which must never be present in skincare and cosmetics products for Muslims because it is haram. Regular after-shave products and cleaners, in particular, usually contain alcohol, however. The good news is that the Halal-certified products don’t and have great potent properties, at the same time.

Most animal-derived ingredients commonly found in skincare products and cosmetics are not Halal. Some of the most commonly found haram ingredients are carmine, which is made from crushed bugs, and chemical compounds derived from pigs. Pure and safe ingredients coming from Halal animals can be used, however, especially if they are obtained in a humane way.

When looking for Halal skincare and cosmetics for him, you should know that the majority of vegan products are allowed. The only exceptions are those containing alcohol. Some vegetarian products can also be suitable, provided that their ingredients don’t come from animals which are considered to be haram.

The skincare and cosmetic products which are Halal do not contain ingredients dangerous for humans. They are SLS-free, paraben-free and usually fragrance-free and colourant-free.


Individual Care for Every Man’s Skin

You should always take into account your skin type and your individual needs when buying Halal skincare products. You should look for an after-shave lotion with anti-irritant and anti-septic properties. Take special measures if you are prone to getting ingrown hairs. You will benefit from using a cleanser which exfoliates the skin and makes it easier for the hairs to penetrate the superficial layer of the skin. Ideally, it should have antimicrobial properties.

The purpose of the modern moisturizer is not simply to provide hydration, but to guarantee protection during the day. This is possible when it is antioxidant-rich. Vitamin E, vitamin B and vitamin D all work together to do a great job in this respect.

There are nourishing skincare products for men too. They contain ingredients like vitamin B5, omega fatty acids and often even probiotics to keep the skin healthy.


Take a closer look at our Halal skincare products for him and choose the ones which match your individual needs best.