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Skincare & Cosmetics for Her - Stay Young and Beautiful

In our range of skincare and cosmetics for her, you will discover Halal, vegan and vegetarian products of exceptional quality made by recognized manufacturers. Every woman dreams of clear skin which is youthfully plump and radiant. You can now achieve this in a completely safe way which corresponds to your ethical values. Don’t hesitate to get more details on the types of products offered here to enjoy a truly wonderful shopping experience.


The Highest Level of Safety

When you buy a skincare product or makeup, you need to ensure that it is paraben free and has no sulphates, SLS or SLES. These chemical compounds have been shown to be potentially harmful for human health. They should not come into contact with the skin. In general, it is always best to opt for products which contain all-natural ingredients.


Products Matching Your Lifestyle

It is no longer challenging to find specially formulated Halal, vegan and vegetarian skincare products. The Halal cosmetics, for example, must have an alcohol-free formula. They are typically water-based. They rarely have perfume scents either since most fragrances are based on alcohol. It is worth noting that both cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol are forbidden. Muslims can use products containing glycerine, provided that it comes from Halal meat.


Vegetarian cosmetics can contain ingredients derived from animals, as long as they don’t come from the flesh skin and bones. For example, hydrolysed silk, which is a common ingredient of hair care products, is considered vegetarian. Collagen, which is extracted from shellfish, on the other hand, is not because it comes from the meat.


The ingredients of vegan skincare products and cosmetics cannot have animal origin. They cannot be derived even from milk, honey or eggs. Usually, they are all botanical. Examples include almond oil and avocado oil. Some chemical compounds such as carbomer may not be seen as non-vegan, but they are generally not good for you. That is why you should focus your attention on all-natural products.


Cleaning, Hydration, Nourishment and Protection

The reality is that the natural products work best to provide the beauty results which every woman wants. The use of a high-quality cleanser is an integral part of the daily skincare routine. If you have acne-prone skin, you can consider a product with natural antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil.


The application of a moisturizer before you go out in the morning is also a must. Pro-vitamin B5 ingredients help to keep the moisture inside the skin while vitamin E provides protection and has the power to combat free radicals. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants.


Skin nourishment is extremely important at all ages. You can get it with both day and night creams packed with antioxidants. These chemical compounds destroy free radicals, which cause skin cell damage and speed up ageing. These products often contain natural olive oil and/or almond oil which are not only potent antioxidant sources, but also give the skin natural glow. If you are looking for a product which provides a soothing effect, you should look for ingredients like aloe vera.


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