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The best way to charm those around you is to tease all of their senses. This is the reason why fragrances have been in the beauty chest of women since the dawn of civilization. At Retail Journey, we strive to offer women a diverse selection of specially formulated halal, vegetarian and vegan fragrances which are beautiful and can match your beliefs too. How do you pick the ideal one? We’re here to help you with this too.


Consider the Ingredients

You can expect the vegetarian, vegan and halal fragrances to come without ingredients derived from the flesh animals like musk. While halal and vegetarian perfumes can contain ingredients derived from animal bi-products like honey, for instance, this isn’t the case with vegan ones. One unique thing about the halal perfumes is that they don’t contain the traditional type of alcohol used in the industry.


Play with the Notes

The structure of each perfume for her consists of top, middle and base notes. The top notes are very light and playful with the citrus one being the most popular. The middle ones are also called heart notes because they reveal the true nature of the fragrance. In the case of women’s perfumes, the middle notes are often floral with spices being highly popular too. The base notes work to create a lasting impression. For women, some of the top options include sandalwood and vanilla, which is considered to be particularly attractive.

While it’s always a good idea to investigate the notes, an easier way to shop for halal, vegan and vegetarian fragrances for her may be by category. The Oriental perfumes are true classics with their seductive jasmine, vanilla and amber notes. If you prefer sweet and exquisite fragrances, pay closer attention to the floral ones. There are hundreds of floral notes which could be mixed in a unique way and they go far beyond the classic ones like red rose, while lily, daisy, Hortensia, iris and orange blossom.

The citrus fragrances have a very universal appeal. They are youthful and cheerful and create a sense of freedom while reminding you of the sun and waves at the beach. Among the most popular and exciting citrus notes you will find lemon, grapefruit and neroli. They usually go well with other fruit notes and with green notes too. At the end of the day, you should let your nose lead you to a decision.


Focus on Your Preferences

It’s common for women to go for the most popular fragrances straight away. While they are certainly hip and beautiful, it makes sense to search for something which truly reflects your own taste, style and personality. If it happens to be not so popular with the crowd, then that’s not a problem, but a bonus - you will surely stand out. Just remember to spray the fragrance on the so-called pulse points on your neck holding the bottle at a distance of about five inches for best results.


It’s always exciting to shop for perfumes. Start now and explore the entire range of Retail Journey which includes exciting halal, vegetarian and vegan fragrances for her.

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