Lips - Protection, Hydration and Sheer Beauty with Lip Products for Her

Lip beauty has been a top priority of women for hundreds of years. Now we know that not only the colour, but also the texture and ingredients of lip products are important. After all, you would prefer to use lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss containing all-natural ingredients rather than artificial ones which could be potentially dangerous. Explore the selection of vegetarian, vegan and halal lip care and beauty products offered at and don’t miss to take advantage of the tips on making the best choice shared below.

Choosing the Best Lip Balm for You

With good lip care, you will not have to worry about dry, chapped and burning lips. The ideal lip balm provides deep protection, hydration and nourishment at the same time. It should contain vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and combats the free radicals trying to damage the skin cells effectively. It is best if the ingredients include vitamins from the B group like vitamin B2 and B6. The products with natural olive oil or coconut oil help to trap moisture inside the lips and keep them soft and plump for a long time. Here you can pick from a variety of vegetarian, vegan and halal lip care products for women which contain only safe natural ingredients.

It’s mandatory for the lip balm to offer protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun as they can cause a considerable amount of long-term damage. For every day, a product with SPF15 is a fine choice. If you’ll spend the day outside, you should apply lip balm with SPF30 or higher.

Should you get lip balm with extra gloss and/or tint? This depends entirely on your preferences. Many women choose to apply lip balm first and then lipstick. In this case, a colourless product with no fragrance is the best choice. If you won’t wear lipstick, then slightly tinted balm with natural gloss could make you look even more beautiful.


Picking the Ideal Lipstick Based on Colour and Not Only

Experts recommend that you choose lipstick colour depending on the colour of your lips and not on your skin tone. This is how you will achieve a look which is both attractive and natural. While having natural gloss is highly recommended, it’s wise to avoid too much shimmer. Consider using lipstick which has hydrating and nurturing properties and avoid products that make your lips feel dry. Natural pigmentation is the best way to go. This is what you can expect from halal, vegetarian and vegan lipstick.

Many women prefer to use tinted lip gloss instead of lipstick because it makes the lips appear plumper naturally. The products with an applicator allow for achieving perfection without much effort. The same colour and shimmer tips apply to the choice of lip gloss. If you plan to use this type of product over the lipstick that you apply, consider one with very light or no tint at all for best results.


You can now choose between our selection of vegetarian, vegan and halal lip care products with confidence.

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