Fragrances - Selecting between Awesome Fragrances for Him

Wearing a fragrance makes you more confident and even more attractive too. Perfumes have been part of human life for thousands of years and now the diversity is greater than ever before. Here, at, we cater to the needs of people who want not simply a fantastic smelling product, but one which matches their beliefs. That is why our range consists of vegetarian, vegan and Halal fragrances for men. Don’t miss to find out more before you make a choice.


What’s Unique about Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan Perfumes?

Halal fragrances contain no ingredients derived from animals. This, however, does not mean that they don’t contain manly notes. Some of these notes come from unsuspected places such as carrot seeds and amber, which is fossilized tree resin. You can readily choose a Halal men’s perfume which is fully certified so that you can have complete peace of mind when applying it on your skin.

If you are a vegetarian, you can confidently go for a vegetarian product which does not have ingredients extracted from the meat, skin and bones of animals. You can expect it to contain fragrant oils and other ingredients which come primarily from plants. Alcohol is allowed in both vegetarian and vegan fragrances for men as it is a plant-derived compound. Vegan ones don’t contain beeswax and milk notes, on the other hand. Still, you can find all sorts of sexy notes like myrrh in them.  


Choosing the Best Men’s Fragrance

Shopping for a fragrance online requires somewhat deeper knowledge, unless you plan to get something that you’ve used for quite some time and simply love. Each perfume is created based on a pyramid of notes. The top notes are the ones which you feel for up to two hours after putting the fragrance on. The middle ones “rule the scene” from three to five hours after the top ones have expired. The base notes can last for five to ten hours.

The top notes are light and cheerful. There are plenty of manly citrus and aromatics notes like lemon, neroli, bergamot, Anais and lemongrass. The medium notes can be highly diverse. They can fall into a wide range of categories with the green and spicy notes being the most popular for men’s fragrances. Examples include grass, mint, basil, juniper berries, nutmeg, tarragon and celery seeds. It’s also possible for you to consider fragrances with gentler and sweeter middle notes like rose and raspberry. They can feel quite masculine in the right composition. In general, the sky is the limit when it comes to Halal, vegetarian and vegan fragrances for him.

The base notes are the strongest so you should consider them carefully. The balsamic and wooded notes are usually reserved for last. You can choose from sharp ones like patchouli or gentle ones like sandalwood. Others like moss are regarded to be very masculine. Tonka bean is another interesting note which deserves your attention.


Choose from the selection of vegetarian, vegan and halal fragrances for him offered here with confidence in their quality. Consider your personal preferences and don’t hesitate to experiment.

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