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As one of the staple grooming tasks for men, shaving is something which you do at least several times a week. Do you have the right products for it? Many men suffer from irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs, but are afraid to admit it. At Retail Journey, we’re committed to offering a solution that will give you smooth, comfortable and even pleasant shaving with excellent results. At our online store, you can pick from a variety of halal, vegetarian and vegan shaving products for men. We also give you some essential advice on how to do it.

The Ideal Shaving Product for You  

At this point you may ask what the difference between a cream and gel is. They both do the same job. They act as lubricant, soften the skin and keep the hairs up for closer shaving. The gel is typically thicker than the cream and may be a better option for men who have thicker hairs and skin prone to irritation. Still, no matter what option you pick, you need to ensure that the product is non-greasy.

The main factors which you need to take into account when choosing a shaving cream or gel are your skin type and any specific problems that you want to counter. If you have sensitive skin, for instance, the ideal product for you should contain a soothing ingredient like aloe. Generally, you can find natural and potent botanical extracts in vegan and halal shaving products and even in vegetarian ones. Men who have acne-prone skin and often suffer from razor bumps and in-grown hairs, on the other hand, should consider a shaving gel or cream with exfoliating properties which helps to keep pores unclogged. A product containing glycolic or salicylic acid would be a good choice.

There are several tricks for getting the best results from shaving in the most comfortable way. You can apply specially formulated oil to soften your skin and facial hairs before you use the cream or gel. Whether you take this step or not, you will benefit from shaving after a shower when your skin is the softest it can be. Don’t hurry to dry it. Once you apply the gel or cream, keep it on for a minute or so before you start shaving.

The Ultimate Aftershave

You will benefit from choosing a clear light lotion which absorbs quickly into the skin. Avoid thicker products which can clog the pores and cause bumps and in-grown hairs. No matter whether you prefer Halal shaving products, you should opt for an aftershave lotion which is alcohol-free as this ingredient can cause dryness and possibly irritation. The perfect product should have the following properties:


  • Skin and pore tightening
  • Puffiness reduction
  • Soothing effect
  • Redness reduction
  • Toning effect


With the right product, you will feel and look awesome every time after shaving your face. Once you’ve applied the aftershave lotion, wait for it to get fully absorbed into the skin before you use moisturizer. The moisturizer has three major properties which will give you the perfect skin - hydration, nourishment and protection.


Choose the best vegan, halal and vegetarian shaving products for him from the range of Retail Journey.


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