- Vegan Skincare for Him - Products Free from Animal Ingredients

Vegan Skincare for Him - Products Free from Animal Ingredients

Even though there are more and more vegans including many celebrities, it is still challenging to stick to this philosophy, especially if you are a man. It’s sometimes hard to explain to friends why you won’t grab a steak or can’t use a moisturizer containing omega fatty acids derived from fish. At Retail Journey, our goal is to help vegans enjoy their chosen lifestyle comfortably and with complete self-confidence. We offer a selection of high-quality vegan skincare and cosmetics for him.

You can look and feel awesome and adhere to your moral principles stating that animals should not be exploited by people in any way. Check out the vegan skincare products and cosmetics at our online store and take advantage of the useful information provided here.

Strictly Vegan All the Way

The genuine vegan skincare and cosmetic products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals, unlike their vegetarian counterparts. They are even beeswax-free. They do not contain any nutrients, minerals or vitamins coming from milk and eggs. This is also the case ingredients derived from the fleece of animals like sheep.

The personal care products made for vegans do not contain artificial ingredients which may cause harm to human health. They are SLS-free and paraben-free. They do not contain artificial colourants or fragrances.

While it is difficult for manufacturers to replace some traditionally used animal-derived ingredients with plant-based ones, they are achieving one success after the other. For example, the omega fatty acids coming from fish are replaced with ones extracted from plants. The result is a growing number of PETA-approved products which have all the properties that men require to take proper care of their skin.


Getting All You Need

An after-shave lotion should have natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-irritant ingredients like seaweed extract are essential. If you have sensitive skin, use a cleanser very carefully. This type of product typically exfoliates the skin, but you would not want it to have stronger plant-based acids.

The good vegan moisturizer hydrates the skin and gives it protection from the harmful environmental effects. It should be antioxidant-rich. Vitamin E is one of the most important ingredients to look for in this type of product as it counters the free radicals which damage the skin cells. Some vegans are concerned about getting products with vitamins like vitamin A which is traditionally derived from fish. The reality is that most vitamins with the notable exception of vitamin B12 are found in plants and are extracted from them for making vegan skincare and cosmetics.

The scalp is also vulnerable to adverse environmental impacts. In men, in particular, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for causing progressive baldness. You can counter these effects with vegan products especially formulated for the scalp. These often include nourishing botanical extracts and DHT blockers.


Browse through our vegan skincare products for him and make the right choices given your skin type, any problems you wish to counter and any specific requirements which you have. Enjoy the shopping experience fully!