- Vegetarian Skincare & Cosmetics for Her - Be Beautiful Without Harming Animals

Vegetarian Skincare & Cosmetics for Her - Be Beautiful Without Harming Animals

As a vegetarian, you eat only animal products which are derived in a humane way. The list includes honey, beeswax, eggs and milk. Now you can use vegetarian skincare and cosmetics for her too. At Retail Journey, we offer only products which are known for their quality and come from leading manufacturers with impeccable reputation. Check out our range and get more information on vegetarian beauty products now.


Achieving Beauty in a Safe Way

The vegetarian skincare and cosmetic products don’t contain ingredients derived from the flesh of animals. They are also cruelty-free. Traditionally used ingredients are replaced by vegetarian ones. A notable example is glycerine which is made from animal fat and is a major ingredient in soap. It is replaced by vegetable glycerine or glycerol which is much purer and does a great job in leaving the skin of the hands free from germs.

There are many ingredients derived from allowed animal by-products which contribute immensely to skin health and fabulous looks. Beeswax, for instance, has a healing and nourishing effect. It is commonly used in lipstick and lip balm. Another example is hydrolysed silk which gives you strong hair with natural lustre.

Ingredients which could be potentially harmful are not found in vegetarian skincare and cosmetics for her, even if they qualify as vegetarian. One such example is alumina sand. It is natural, but should not be applied to the face. All good-quality vegetarian products are paraben-free and contain no sulphates, either SLS or SLES. The parabens, which are potent preservatives, are replaced by chemical compounds with the same properties derived from plants like berries.

While the choice of vegetarian skincare and cosmetic products was quite limited just a decade ago, today they are found in abundance. Many manufacturers now use only natural ingredients which qualify as vegetarian. You can get everything you need for your beauty routine.

Full Skincare Routine

Cleaning the skin always comes first. You should go for a product which removes all unnecessary things from the top layer of the skin without leaving it dry. If you fight acne, you would want a product with potent natural antibacterial ingredients like highly diluted tea tree oil.

Hydration and protection from free-radical damage are the main jobs of every moisturizer. It must contain as many antioxidants as possible in as large amounts as possible. Vitamin E is a staple ingredient just like the minerals which provide protection from ultraviolet radiation. A vegetarian skin-firming cream, which is among the most widely used anti-aging products, will contain alternatives to collagen.

Caring for the scalp is equally important and there are various vegetarian products formulated for the purpose. A nourishing oil is an important ingredient, especially in products formulated for women with dry skin and dry hair. Avocado oil has a potent effect and so does natural olive oil. Pro-vitamin B5 is another natural ingredient which can give you the results that you are looking for. It makes the hair stronger and gives it a natural shine.


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