- Vegetarian Skincare for Him - Good Looks Without Compromises

Vegetarian Skincare for Him - Good Looks Without Compromises

When you choose to be a vegetarian, you embrace not only the diet, but the lifestyle. This includes the use of all products which you apply on your skin. Even though men tend to use fewer products compared to women, this doesn’t mean that they can afford to make compromises. To help men who follow this lifestyle, we, at Retail Journey offer vegetarian skincare and cosmetics for him. Discover our product range and get what you need to look awesome. Here you will also find information on what the genuine vegetarian personal care products are like and advice on making the best choice.


Vegetarian Ingredients Only

There are clear guidelines to what can and cannot be used for producing vegetarian skincare and cosmetic products. Ingredients derived from the muscles, organs, skin, bones, tendons and joints of animals are not allowed. Put in a simpler way, any chemical compound coming from the flesh of an animal is prohibited. When people think about animals, the ones that come to mind are usually mammals. However, the vegetarian principles cover all animals including insects which are used for making colouring agents and clams which are used for collagen extraction.

Vegetarian products for the skin can contain ingredients derived from animal by-products. You don’t have to search for beeswax-free balm for treating chafing lips, for example. Ingredients derived from milk, eggs and wool are allowed.

The key thing when looking for vegetarian skincare products and cosmetics is to watch out for commonly found ingredients like omega fatty acids. You have to ensure that they come from plant oils just like gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA). The vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin A should also be plant-based.

The natural cosmetics and skincare products for vegetarians are both safe and potent. They are paraben-free and SLS-free. They are often fragrance-free and colourant-free to minimize the risk of irritation and allergic reactions, especially in men with sensitive skin.

Caring for Your Skin Made Easy

Despite what many people think, a cleanser is not a product for removing makeup. It is formulated to remove the layer of sebum and environmental particles on the face. That is why it is one of the most essential skincare products for him. It is best if it exfoliates the skin gently too. This reduces the risk of having ingrown hairs and helps you keep your complexion youthful.

When you shave, you should always apply a soothing lotion with antimicrobial properties after you are done. Applying moisturizer on your face before you go out in the morning is also essential. There are clear products which are especially formulated for men and contain only vegetarian ingredients. Inside them, you can find vitamins E, C and D which provide protection to the skin all day long.

No matter what type of vegetarian skincare product you consider buying, you should always confirm that it is suitable for your skin type. Men with sensitive skin should look for items with anti-irritant properties. Those with oily skin should use non-greasy moisturizer and other nourishing products.


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