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You choose your lifestyle and our job, at Retail Journey, is to make you feel comfortable with your choice and enjoy every day to the fullest. We offer Halal, vegetarian and vegan products, ranging from sweets and baby food to skincare and cosmetics. Make everyone in your home happy, while ensuring that you adhere to the ethical principles that you have chosen to follow. All of the products which we offer at our online store come from leading manufacturers who guarantee top quality and purity. Learn more about these lifestyles and how we cater to them.

What Halal Is All About

Halal is a universal belief that covers all aspects of life and not only food, despite the misconception. It is in the core of the moral principles which a person follows in his or her day-to-day interactions with others and when working and doing business. Halal extends to everything that you can think of, from banking and financial services to personal care products and all types of food.

Not only meat, but all other types of food which are included in the modern Muslim’s diet ought to be Halal. These include processed foods like sweets. Baby food also falls into this category. It’s great to be able to give your children treats and meals which are pure, healthy and utterly delicious. The best part is that these foods will help them grow to become virtuous adults.

The use of Halal skincare products and cosmetics is also an important aspect of a Muslim person’s lifestyle. In general, cosmetic products typically have a long list of ingredients, many of which are not known to those without a degree in chemistry or biology. At Retail Journey, our job is to give our customers only personal care products with a Halal stamp. This is how the women and men who shop from us can have complete peace of mind that everything which touches their skin is pure and safe.

Halal is the hallmark of purity and safety. It guarantees superior quality products for the whole family.


The Vegetarian Lifestyle

The roots of vegetarianism can be traced back to the 7th century B.C. in South Asia where the Indus Valley Civilization promoted tolerance to all beings. The moral principles which this movement lies on have not changed since. Vegetarians eat food coming from plant sources and from animals too, but not animal flesh and by-products of animal slaughter.

The mainstream movement permits the consumption of milk, eggs and beeswax, for instance, but meat, fish, poultry and even seafood are not allowed.

Today, there are many forms of vegetarianism. The ovo form includes the consumption of eggs, but not dairy products. The lacto form is the exact opposite. The followers of the raw vegetarian diet refrain from eating cooked foods. Even though neither Hinduism, not Buddhism forbids the consumption of animal flesh strictly, many followers of both religions are vegetarians as it is their belief that all sentient beings should be treated equally and with respect. It is common for Hindu vegetarians not to consume alcohol either.

The principles of this lifestyle cover not only food, but all types of products which are made with ingredients or materials coming from animal sources. A devoted vegetarian would not wear leather and fur clothes and accessories. This also applies to the use of personal care products containing ingredients which come from the flesh of animals and have been derived from in a cruel way.

At Retail Journey, we have a special selection of vegetarian sweets, baby foods, cosmetics and skincare products.


What It’s Like to Be a Vegan

Veganism is a lifestyle which excludes completely the use of all animal products. It covers all aspects of life, from food and cosmetics to clothing. This makes it more restrictive compared to both vegetarianism and Halal. The fundamental idea is that humans should lead their life without exploiting animals in any way. Veganism has its origins in vegetarianism, but became a separate movement in the 1940’s and has grown ever since. The term “vegan” was formally accepted in the 1960’s.

At present, this way of life is considered to be mainstream, meaning it is becoming widespread. National and international health and nutrition organisations have recognised the vegan diet as suitable for all stages of life. They can work well for both adults and children.

Still, keeping vegan a diet remains challenging in the modern world. This is because most traditional and even vegetarian food recipes include the use of animal products such as eggs, for example. Additionally, modern processed foods usually contain ingredients coming from animals, even if they are at molecular level, such as milk protein extract, for instance. The good news is that there is a solution to these issues.

At Retail Journey, our goal is to give vegans a diverse range of products which are guaranteed to contain no ingredients of animal origin. These include sweets for the whole family and baby foods. All products come from top brands whose names have become synonymous to quality. To support the vegan lifestyle, we also offer vegan skincare products and cosmetics.

Explore our range of Halal, vegetarian and vegan products!


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