Halal Baby Food

Halal Baby Food

Halal Baby Food - Pure, Healthy and Delicious

Give your child dishes full of nutrients, pleasant flavours and aromas with specially made Halal baby food. In our range, you will discover top-quality products made with the finest natural ingredients. Our goal is to give parents a large variety of dish options and to help them make the best choices for their kids by providing detailed information and advice.


A Closer Look at Halal Ingredients

Halal baby food includes ingredients which bring essential nutrients for the growth and development of children, while being compliant with Islamic Law. These include all sorts of plant-based ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, legumes and rice. Fruit and veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals. Legumes are excellent sources of plant protein. Rice and potatoes give youngsters energy.

Many animal-based ingredients are Halal as well. These include veal, lamb, beef and chicken, provided that the animals have been slaughtered using the prescribed traditional method. These ingredients give children not only protein, but also sufficient amounts of vitamins like B12 and minerals such as iron. Fish is also Halal. It is valuable because it is a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are important for the development and growth of heart and brain. Eggs and dairy are permissible too.

One ingredient which is haram (forbidden) is pork. There is no pork meat in Halal baby food. Similarly, products which contain gelatine derived from pigs are not Halal. In general, if gelatine is present in halal food, it must be derived from beef or another allowed animal which has been slaughtered following the established method.

Flavourings and additives which have traces of alcohol or are made from animals which are haram cannot be used for making Halal baby food. Generally, such ingredients are not recommended for babies, regardless of their nature and origin. That is why parents should trust brands with strong reputation and check the ingredients carefully when buying dishes for their children.


Great Diversity, Convenient Shopping

We’ve made it easy for parents to shop our ever-expanding range of Halal baby food products. You can find dishes which have been especially made with your baby’s age in mind. Remember that the foods suitable from 4+ months include primarily fruit and vegetables while those suitable from 10+ months can include most of the Halal ingredients found on the table of every home. You should definitely check out not only the dishes, but the finger foods suitable from 7+ months.

It is our commitment to cater to the babies who have special dietary needs. In our selection of Halal products, you can find foods with no gluten ingredients, which are suitable for coeliac babies, and ones with no lactose ingredients, which are a safe choice for babies who have lactose intolerance. You can also choose from products with no nut or egg ingredients, if your child is allergic to them or if it is your choice not to introduce him/her to them.

Discover the range of Halal baby food at Retail Journey and treat your baby to fabulous specialities.

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