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Halal Sweets

Halal Sweets - Pure and Tasty Products for the Whole Family

Cooking Halal food at home is easy because fresh ingredients which are permitted are readily available. The challenge comes when Muslims select processed foods for themselves and their children. At Retail Journey, our aim is to offer a large variety of Halal sweets which have received a qualifying stamp. Forget about studying the ingredients. Just pick your favourite texture and flavour!

To ensure that our customers will be perfectly confident when buying Halal sweets from our online store, here we provide detailed information on which widely used ingredients qualify as Halal. You can also find out more about our product range.

Halal and Haram Ingredients

Both plant-based and animal-based ingredients can qualify as Halal, but they have to correspond to specific requirements set by Islamic Law. All ingredients coming directly from plants or extracted via a chemical process are allowed, provided that they do not contain any traces of alcohol, which is completely forbidden for Muslims. Given this, some seemingly “innocent” ingredients are actually haram (not permitted). These include rum and vanilla flavourings, most types of vinegar and yeast growing on alcohol. Other plant-based ingredients which are haram are by-products of grape wine such as grape skin powder.

Many animal-based ingredients commonly found in both soft and hard-boiled sweets are Halal. Examples include dairy products and proteins and honey. At the same time, there are also a lot of haram ones. One notable example is carmine. This natural red colouring is made from crushed beetles and is not permitted for Muslims to use. Another example of a harm ingredient is L-cysteine. This amino acid, which is used in different flavourings, is extracted from hairs and feathers.

For some time, there has been a debate of whether gelatine, which is among the main ingredients of chewy and fizzy sweets, is Halal or not. Here is an answer to this question. Gelatine is permitted only if it meets two specific requirements. It must not come from pigs, in the first place. This is actually a requirement which is easy for confectionary manufacturers to meet since this ingredient has been traditionally derived from beef. The second requirement is for the animal, which gelatine is made from, to have been slaughtered following the established Halal procedure.

You are always welcome to check the ingredients of the Halal sweets that we offer, if you deem fit. They are duly listed. Then you can focus on making a choice.


Great Diversity at Retail Journey

Try the all-time-favourite Haribo Gold Bears or SweetZone Fizzy Cola Bottles. These are loved by generations of people. We’ve got a selection of sweet and sour creations from Goody Good Stuff, a company which makes gelatine-free sweets. The Barratt Dib Dab classics are also on the menu list. The colourful Neon Worms are among the most popular products with kids because of their attractive looks and unique taste.

All of our Halal sweets come from leading manufacturers in Europe and are created to make people happy. Explore the range now and make the ideal choice for you.

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  • Barratt Dip Dab

    Barratt Dip Dab - Dip a scrummy strawberry flavour lolly into a lemon flavour sherbet dip. Dip Dabs are retro sweets made by Barratt - each packet of Dip Dab contains a sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly. Dip Dab is made using natural colours and flavours.

    Barratt Dip Dab is suitable for vegetarians and is Halal approved. Dip Dab contains sulphites. An absolute classic if you grew up in Blighty in the 70s and 80s! A sachet full of fluffy white zingy sherbet with that unmistakable red juicy lolly stuck in the middle.

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