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Everyone, from small children to seniors, loves sweets. They are colourful and delicious and put a smile on your face. Now you no longer have to spend hours investigating whether the soft or hard-boiled sweets which you love match your lifestyle. At Retail Journey, we offer halal, vegan and vegetarian products which you can just pick, add to your shopping cart and enjoy. Need a bit of guidance to what the different types of sweets contain? Get the essential information right away.

Halal Sweets and Their Ingredients

The various types of Halal sweets, from brittle chocolate ones to chewing gum, can contain both plant and animal ingredients, provided that they meet the specific requirements and guidelines outlined in Islamic Law. This makes them completely unique compared to both vegan and vegetarian sweets.

Practically all types of ingredients coming from plants are allowed as long as they do not contain alcohol. This automatically excludes different kinds of yeast which grow on alcohol and plant-derived extracts, like the commonly used vanilla extract, which contain of alcohol.

The list of animal-based ingredients for sweets which are not halal is longer. Notably, it includes gelatine, which comes from pigs or from other animals, if they have been slaughtered with the use of a method which is not permissible. At the same time, this is one of the main ingredients of everyone’s favourite gummy sweets, which owe their unique texture to it.


We know how tedious it is for Muslims to try to figure out if sweets are Halal or not. That is why at our online store, you will find products with the Halal stamp guaranteeing complete purity and top quality.


Vegan Sweets - No Animal Ingredients

Although some vegan sweets may qualify as Halal (if they don’t contain alcohol), the opposite is not possible. This is because vegan sweets do not contain any ingredients coming from animal sources. They are completely plant-based.

The list of forbidden ingredients includes milk, honey, beeswax and eggs, among others. All chemical compounds which are extracted from these by-products such as egg protein or whey protein (coming from milk) cannot be used either. The good news for vegans is that sugar comes from plants so they can treat themselves even to candy floss. There are dietary options too. Our store offers a wide selection of vegan sweets, including much loved sour fruit varieties.

What Vegetarian Sweets Can Contain

These sweet delights can contain ingredients of animal origin as long as they are sourced naturally and humanely. The list includes eggs, milk, honey and beeswax (exactly the ones which cannot be found in vegan sweets). Those vegetarians who do not eat eggs or dairy products should consider our vegan choices.

One important thing to note is that gelatine is not a vegetarian ingredient. This is because it is extracted from the bones and flesh of animals after processing. That is why alternatives are used for preparing chewy vegetarian sweets.

It is not possible to put a sign for equality between vegetarian and Halal sweets. The main reason for this is that alcohol is allowed in the former, but not in the latter. Similarly, compliant gelatine can be used for making Halal products, but not vegetarian ones.


If you are a vegetarian, we’ve got you covered. Our online store has a special section for sweets suitable for your diet and way of life.


Sweets of Exceptionally High Quality


The products in our range come exclusively from top sweet brands. These include:


Goody Good Stuff - The gummy sweets of this innovative manufacturer contain no gelatine, lactose or gluten. They are Halal, vegan and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Barratt - It is part of Tangerine Confectionery, a British company which has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of sweets in Europe.

Haribo - The German confectionary company was founded back in 1920 and is among the oldest and most renowned in Europe and around the world.

SweetZone - This British manufacturer has long-term traditions in the confectionary industry and offers a vary array of products. It is best known for its marshmallows and chews.


Shop for your favourite vegetarian, vegan and Halal sweets at Retail Journey and don’t hesitate to discover new flavours!

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